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Quilting is Alive & Well
at Klein UMC!


The Joy of Quilting


Fri. & Sat. April 12-13

Scroll on down for info....


Revised w-Home BW Quilt Square.png
Revised w-Home BW Quilt Square.png

The Joy of Quilting


Our Opportunity Quilt


King Size

107 inches x 107 inches

What is an Opportunity Quilt?

It is a quilt made by the Piecemakers that you have the "Opportunity" to take home for your very own.  All you have to do is purchase the winning ticket at the quilt show!  

Tickets: 1 for $1 or 6/for $5

You don't have to be present to win.

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Charity Quilt Sponsorships - Only $10

Cash or checks only please

VA IMG_2741.jpg

Visit our booth

at the SHOW!

Piecemaker Quilt Sponsorship 2021 (2)_edited.jpg

Each year the Piecemakers provide over 100 quilts to the Tomball Veterans Administration, the Houston Ronald McDonald House, and the Gathering,an organization to support Alzheimers patients and their caretakers.

You can join our charity program by adding your first name to our quilt label for only $10.  (Our label says "May this quilt wrap you in God's love.")  You may sponsor as many quilts as you want.  

The Piecemakers use these sponsorship proceeds to buy supplies for next year's charity quilts.  Thank you for your support.  


The Piecemakers are a quilting ministry of Klein United Methodist Church (KUMC).  We are not all Methodists nor do we all attend this church - but we are women in the community who quilt or who are interested in learning this art.  We are friends joined together in this fellowship to celebrate "the joy of quilting" and each other.  Our membership includes experienced quilters, new quilters, and all of those in-between.  Members may work on their own projects or charity kits.  However, we reserve the 4th and 5th Tuesdays of each month for our charity quilting.

Mission Statement

The Piecemakers formed in 1996 to:

  1. Promote and encourage the appreciation of the quilting arts

  2. Foster charitable endeavors

  3. Provide a forum for quilters and quilt lovers to share and explore their quilting interests

  4. Educate others in the art of quilting and its place in our community

  5. Foster Christian beliefs within our quilting fellowship and our community

Meetings are held every Tuesday from

10am-3pm in Room 406

Klein UMC

5920 FM 2920

Spring, TX 77388

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Who We Are

Who we Are
Revised w-Home BW Quilt Square.png

The Piecemakers' General Activities

Members are encouraged to make several each year.


Quilters are encouraged to show quilts, wall hangings, table runners, and other items.

For charity, sponsorship quilts, church activities


2-3 yearly at quilter's expense for learning new techniques, finishing projects, fun, & fellowship


To quilt shops & shows in the Houston area & beyond

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Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show
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We're growing... and still sewing.

The Piecemakers come in all ages, sizes, and quilting abilities.  Come sew and grow with us!

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001 1-10-24_edited_edited.jpg
281 1-6-24.jpg
Piecemaker Nancy and Susan.JPG
2022 Sept Pic34_edited.jpg
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When we're not sewing... we're going!

Precinct 3 Bus to 3 across-town Quilt shops and The Monument Inn

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003 1-10-24_edited.jpg
005 1-10-24.jpg

Monthly Potluck Birthday Celebrations

001 1-15-24_edited_edited.jpg
2022 Sept Pic82.JPG
168 1-6-24.jpg
096 1-5-24.jpg


Montgomery Quilt Walks

308 1-6-24.jpg

Martha's Bloomers and LoneStar Quilts in Bryan

2022 Sept Pic83.jpg

Getting Ready for Sunday Charity Quilt Sponsorships

051 1-6-24.jpg
062 1-6-24.jpg
Piecemaker Quilt Sponsorship 2021 4_edit

Christmas Luncheon and Klein UMC Girlfriends' Gala

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004 1-5-24_edited.jpg
005 1-5-24_edited.jpg
010 1-5-24.jpg
229 1-6-24.jpg
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Learning new techniques and sewing special projects....

Collages and walking foot quilting classes

Patriotic quilt edge detail.jpg

"Panelpalooza" - making interesting borders on our charity panel quilts

Check out our "Panelpalooza" display at "Joy of Quilting 2024"

046 1-6-24.jpg
239 1-6-24.jpg
223 1-6-24.jpg
272 1-6-24_edited.jpg
236 1-6-24.jpg

A group mystery quilt - Check out our display at "Joy of Quilting 2024"

263 1-6-24.jpg
087 1-5-24.jpg
107 1-5-24_edited.jpg
260 1-6-24_edited.jpg

Ziggity Zags!

249 1-6-24.jpg
339 1-6-24.jpg

Fun making baskets, hearts, Christmas squares, placemats & more

121 1-6-24.jpg
206 1-6-24.jpg
062 1-5-24.jpg
066 1-5-24_edited.jpg
237 1-6-24.jpg
153 1-6-24_edited.jpg
181 1-6-24_edited.jpg
191 1-6-24.jpg
055 1-5-24.jpg
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We love retreats!

The Piecemakers retreat 2-3 times each year.

Our first mystery quilt challenge - "Pieceful Times" by Debbie Caffrey

2022 Sept Pic79_edited.jpg

More Fun!

375 1-6-24.jpg

Spa Night

2022 Sept Pic69_edited.jpg
2022 Sept Pic61.jpg
035 1-5-24_edited.jpg
Pic 1 4-30-22_edited.jpg
2022 Sept Pic63.jpg
371 1-6-24.jpg
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Ways We Serve Our Community

The Piecemakers are a ministry providing age appropriate quilts for the Houston Ronald McDonald House, The Gathering - an organization to support Alzheimers patients and their caretakers, and the Tomball Veterans Administration Clinic.  We also sew beds and provide filling for dog and cat beds that are distributed to area rescue facilities.

Susan Ronald McDonald cropped.jpg

Ronald McDonald House

Gathering quilt 3.jpg

The Gathering

Toni and VA Quilt.jpg

Tomball VA

Dog Picture1 cropped_edited.jpg

Rescue Dog/Cat Beds

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155 1-6-24.jpg


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2022 Sept Pic97_edited.jpg
2022 Sept Pic56.jpg
2022 Sept Pic91_edited.jpg
2022 Sept Pic18.jpg
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2022 Sept Pic35.jpg
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001 Jean 2-14-24_edited.jpg
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037 1-6-24_edited.jpg
275 1-6-24_edited.jpg
001 1-11-24_edited.jpg
327 1-6-24_edited.jpg
032 1-5-24_edited.jpg
098 1-5-24_edited.jpg

Quilting is Alive & Well at Klein UMC!

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Contact the Piecemakers

Klein United Methodist Church

5920 FM 2920

Spring, TX 77388

Check us out on Facebook.

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